Salsa and Bachata Lessons in Cancun Riviera Maya

Salsa and Bachata classes in Puerto Morelos

Learn how to dance salsa and bachata in Quintana Roo, Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos, Tulum

Salsa Dance

Summary of the history of salsa dancing. What is origin dance salsa ?

Almost all Mexicans learned to dance salsa as cumbia is danced (which is not bad). With the intention of being able to better interpret salsa music, we have tried during these years so that with other styles you can dance better and more comfortably mixing new skills of this beautiful dance. Now there are many styles of dance with us you will learn from all a little the idea is that you find your own unique and wonderful style.

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Bachata Dance

Sure you know Romero Santos, you have realized that now everyone listens to bachata, some do not know what rhythm they just like, well … I want to tell you that now it is very famous to dance it at the party, it is a very beautiful and wonderful rhythm to connect with your dance partner. Now you will learn to dance it!

The fundamental movement of the dance consists of moving to the left, waiting for a bar to pass, and then moving to the right. Although purists despise electronic bachata, this modern version can be useful for taking the first steps because its synthetic percussion makes rhythm perception easier.

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How to choose a Salsa Class

Salsa and Bachata classes in Puerto Morelos

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