5 Recorded Salsa Classes Level 0


Salsa classes Level 0, start before level 1 with all the answers to questions that everyone who is going to start dancing salsa has.


Start this beautiful program of salsa classes, know the bases, the basic steps and what is necessary to have a safe and fast learning. This level will give you tools like:

  • 5 recorded classes
  • Technique of the footsteps
  • Exercises to practice correct posture
  • Exercise for the understanding of music
  • Counting on the music
  • Basic salsa steps for men and women
  • Elements to use of the hands and arms
  • Main positions
  • Alternate basic steps to improve the tread

All our classes have:

  • Unlimited number of visualisation
  • Advice by teachers on specific questions
  • 2 online sessions in the middle of the course and at the end with the teachers
  • Discount if buying the following levels
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Includes explanation for men and women
  • All our explanations are slow and leisurely
  • We do counting exercises with numbers and with music

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