Bachata Classes in Dominican Republic

Bachata is a popular latin dance, born in the Dominican Republic. Book your bachata classes in Dominican Republic with local professional teachers.

Bachata dance

Bachata is a genre of music and dance that originated and is currently popular in the Dominican Republic. Bachata has gained popularity around the world and is now listened to and danced to in many countries. Bachata has several influences : bolero, son Cubano, and merengue. At that time, it wasn’t called Bachata but bolero de guitarra. Bachata dance is a way of life, it’s part of the culture.

Bachata Classes in Dominican Republic

Traditional Bachata

If you want to learn traditional bachata, the best way is to take bachata classes in Dominican Republic to understand the soul of the dance for the Dominican. More thanjust a dance, you will learn a culture with our local teachers in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

Contact us right now for private bachata classes or group classes. In our bachata classes in Dominican Republic, you will learn bachata dance style and techniques which are deeply rooted in Dominican culture. In each lesson, you will find we cover a collection of different bachata styles, footworks, couple connection and figures. The most important for us is sharing with you correct and solid bases.

Bachata Classes in Dominican Republic

Bachata dance lessons

Bachata dance classes

If you are travelling to Las Terrenas with a group of friends and want to learn dominican bachata, you can contact us to have private bachata classes in Dominican Republic. 

Follow those 3 simple steps and start you dancing education 😉

Gather your friends, family etc and talk about the project. Agree on a day and time to start your practice
Paso 1 30%
Gather minimum 4 people, no matter if they are men or women
Paso 2 60%
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Paso 3 100%
Bachata dance lessons Toronto

Desperate to learn how to dance bachata? Learn how to dance bachata in the “destination of the bachata dance”. Take our bachata classes in Dominican Republic and get started on dancing like a dominican.

Bachata Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is a small village in the Smana bay, the best place to start bachata classes in Dominican Republic. Apart from the beautiful beches and the friendly local caribbean vibe, you will learn the real traditional bachata. 

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