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Learn Salsa dancing or bachata from zero with our proven methodology in hundreds of students. 

Hire us for shows and classes in your restaurant or bar. Best salsa classes in the Riviera Maya.

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All levels welcome, come alone or with your partner, at the studio in Puerto Morelos or at your place to lear salsa dancing.

How many classes?

Let us know how long you will be around for.  We have different packages depending on how long you will be here and how far you want to learn!

Salsa & Bachata Dance Retreat

Join us for a 7-day Salsa and Bachata dance retreat Mexico in Puerto Morelos. You’ll receive over 14 hours of workshops from renowned instructors to gain a strong foundation in these passionate Latin dances. The retreat is held in a stunning house surrounded by jungles. Come create unforgettable memories with us!

Salsa dance Services and classes

We offer different type of bachata and salsa dancing classes depending on your goals and level.

Latin Dance Classes

Salsa & Bachata Dance

We offer our students the best care so that they feel confident in our bachata and salsa classes.

Salsa Dancing

First class

First, we determine your level, to get to know you better in order to adapt a good learning methodology.


We teach with our personalized methods that will help you improve your dancing skills


Our dance teacher has more than 12 years of experience in salsa and bachata. Without doubt, he is going to find a way to make you dance.


You can come and dance with Esteve Dance Academy without shame, we respect each person and we have fun. Dance then think!

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Why Learn Salsa & Bachata?

Bachata Dance Lessons

Despite the fact that there are basic steps to follow, salsa dance is a creative and unique form of self-expression. The way you turn, move your hips and body, and interpret the rhythm of the music is entirely up to you and your personality.

Salsa Dance in Cancun

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