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He was born on February 17, 1986 from Mexico City, Coyoacán from a folk dancer and danzon mother. He started his dance career in 2001 as an apprentice of the genre “break dance” specializing in the version “pumping” and floor, continuing with his school studies, evolving to the electronic genre in 2004, working as a performance dancer in different places in the Mexico City. In 2008 he finished his degree in Business Administration and in 2013 he resumed his career as a dancer in Latin rhythms learning from the best teachers in the city rhythms such as Salsa, bachata, merengue and cumbia. Later in 2014 he joined his first dance company and invited bachata to participate in national conferences for shows and competitions. participating for 3 years and learning from the best salsa and bachata exponents in the world through national and international congresses such as Rodrigo Cortázar, Eddie Torres and Francisco Vázquez parents of salsa online, they decide to take the certification with Fernando Sosa and tropical gem the company with the world’s largest salsa championships. On the bachata side with dancers such as Ataca and la Alemana, Daniel and Desirée, Álex and Desirée, Sammy the Magician among others. He decided to create his Dance Academy “Esteve” in Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo in March 2018, already celebrating a year of sharing and teaching these beautiful styles, in a municipality that he fell in love with. Esteban Romero convinced to contribute to this beautiful affected town trying to dance and satisfaction for those who want to learn to dance.

Salsa and Bachata Academy in Riviera Maya

What we do

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Diego Moran & Steve Romero

Dance ... then think!

Dancing is Therapy Meditation Family Friends Hapiness Makes you think Bring you to your goals

What we do? We teach to dance, to beautiful and pretty people. With a lot of work and stress we know that, we always wait for you to be ready to feel and enjoy dancing as if there was nothing better, you will feel alive and unique. You will forget everything, because when you dance there is so much passion that you feel that there is no place to feel bad. We know you think a lot about dance and we know it’s something you always wanted to do well.

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