Salsa and Bachata Classes in Puerto Morelos

Private Salsa and Bachata Classes in Puerto Morelos

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Welcome to Steve Dance academy. We are professional salsa and bachata dance team willing to share our dance knowledge and experience with you, teaching you the basic of salsa or how to improve your dancing steps. We offer Private Salsa and Bachata Classes in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, one of the best Things to do in  Puerto Morelos. You can take one class or choose a package to get to a higher level and enjoy the magic feeling of dancing salsa and bachata!

Private salsa Classes Puerto Morelos

How does it work?

You will know the basic steps of salsa or bachata depending to your choice. The two dances have their own charm and are very famous at parties. After the class, you can record the step that were taught and practice them. We guarantee that it is a unique experience of Salsa and Bachata even if you have already taken classes, one of the best things to do in  Puerto Morelos. 


First we will meet in the place we agreed on (our studio in Puerto Morelos, at your place, if you have enought place) . We will meet at the time arranged and start with a brief explanation of the class and these dances. Then, we will start the Salsa and Bachata Classes in Puerto Morelos. Whether you are male, female or several people, we will adapt the class.  

The class last 1 hour but we can also make it 1.5 hour.

You can book only 1 class or if you want to learn more seriously, we recommend to get our SPECIAL package.

 The Private classes are for 1 or 2 people but if you are a group of friends, get your friends together and learn how to dance now with our proven methodology

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Salsa and Bachata Classes in Puerto Morelos

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We offer the best attention to our students during the private class. Things to do in  Puerto Morelos, Salsa and Bachata Classes in Puerto Morelos


First, we evaluate your dance level to be able to adapt the lessons depending on what you want or need to learn.


We teach with personnalized teaching methods which will lift up our student level without doubt.


Our teacher has 12 years of experience in teaching salsa and bachata. For sure, he will find the best way to get you out on the dance floor


You can come and dance with us without feeling ahames or shy. No judgment, guaranted success and fun.

Salsa Class in Puerto Morelos

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We adapt to your level and schedule.

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Come and dance with us in Puerto Morelos Mexico and discover at the same time our charming Caribbean town.

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