Group Salsa and Bachata Classes

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Welcome to Steve Dance Academy. We are a professional salsa and bachata dance team who wants to share our dance knowledge and experience with you, teaching you the basics of salsa and how to get to a good level of dancing. We offer group salsa and bachata classes in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Tulum in Mexico. You can just book 1 class or choose to go for a package of 4 classes to reach a higher level and enjoy the magical sensation of dancing salsa and bachata!

Group Salsa and Bachata Classes
Small groups

How do we work?

When starting with us, we will teach you the basicsteps of salsa or bachata depending on what you prefer. The two styles have their own charm & style and are very famous at social parties. After the class, you can record the nsteps we taugt you to practice and not forget them. We guarantee that it is a unique experience of group salsa and bachata classes in the Riviera Maya even if you have already taken classes.


First, we will meet at the time and place we agreed on (our studio in Puerto Morelos, or, if there is enough space, at your place). We will begin with a brief explanation of these dances and then, we will start the Group salsa and bachata classes. Whether you are a man, a woman or several people, we will adapt the class.

The class lasts 1 hour but we can also do it for 1.5 hours.

You can book only 1 class or if you want to learn more seriously, we recommend getting our SPECIAL package of 4 classes or more.

The group classes are for 3 to 6 people. Get your friends together and learn to dance now with our proven methodology in Group Salsa and Bachata Classes.

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Learn Salsa Riviera Maya

Group Salsa and Bachata Classes

Riviera Maya Clases de Baile salsa bachata

Salsa dance school in Riviera Maya

Follow those 3 simple steps and start you dancing education 😉

Learn to dance from zero or improve your steps, in a personalized way. You can choose between salsa or bachata or …. Why not both.

Gather your friends, family etc and talk about the project. Agree on a day, time and place to start your practice
Paso 1 30%
Gather minimum 4 people, no matter if they are men or women
Paso 2 60%
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Paso 3 100%
Salsa lessons Online

Start with the basic steps of salsa or bachata. In only 4 classes, you can get the 4 basics step and be able to dance  1 entire song!

Advanced Salsa Private Classes

I f you have taken classes before and have an intermediate level, we can bring you you the next level.

CDMX STeve Salsa
Online salsa & bachata classes

Tips & Tricks

If you only want to learn new turns, this class is for you. You will shine on the dance floor!

Learn Salsa and Bachata in Mexico

We offer the best attention to our students during the our group salsa and bachata classes. Best Thing to do in  Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Tulum.


First, we evaluate your dance level to be able to adapt the lessons depending on what you want or need to learn.


We teach with personnalized teaching methods which will lift up our student level without doubt.


Our teacher has 12 years of experience in teaching salsa and bachata. For sure, he will find the best way to get you out on the dance floor


You can come and dance with us without feeling ahames or shy. No judgment, guaranted success and fun.

Where Will we Dance?

Latin Dance Salsa and Bachata Classes in Cancun

In the studio, on the beach or at your home / hotel

At your Place

Puerto Morelos


Playa del Carmen


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