Why non-dancers also go to Colombia for salsa

Colombia is regularly ranked as the top travel destination for 2018.

After last year’s historic peace agreement that ended a more than 50-year-old civil war between the Colombian government and the left-wing guerrilla group FARC, foreigners can finally get safely to this beautiful country and its rich, diverse culture. Tourism has exploded here in the last three years, growing by 13% per year and increasing along with foreign investment in real estate and industry.

As we like to say to visitors: “The The only danger of coming to Colombia is that you could just stay. ”

What is special about Colombia? Why do Americans and Europeans alike come and stay in Colombia often? Apart from the breathtaking beauty, the delicious coffee, the romantic cities and the famous magical realism With authors like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, everything revolves around people. The culture of physicality, warmth, passion, close family ties, service to others and joy. And let’s not forget taste (Taste). Reading guidebooks or walking tours is not enough to really experience this way of life. It has to be experienced. And few things embody the essence of Colombia more than dancing salsa.

We feel part of something that salsa in Colombia … because everyone is dancing!

Why non dancers also go to Colombia for salsaWell, almost all of them. Sauce is lively here in Colombia. It’s considered the salsa capital of the world, and for good reason. Colombians grow up with salsa. It’s in the houses. In the streets. At family celebrations. In cafes. In restaurants. With taxis. No exaggeration, sauce is everywhere. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know about salsa music or who can’t dance.

And of course there is no lack of dance floors :). Not just dance clubs but small bars in big cities like Medellin, Cali and Bogota, as well as in every city and pueblo across the country. Dancing salsa in Colombia means being part of their culture and being part of it.

Here we can live and breathe salsa dance culture in an authentic way that is difficult to find in North America and Europe.

Salsa dancing in Colombia awakens our passion and creativity.

1631490385 394 Why non dancers also go to Colombia for salsaColombians express emotions through dancing. It is a type of cathartic therapy that uses salsa dancing to divulge and express your inner worlds. See it. Sadness. Fury. Everything.

They are a passionate, energetic people, what is called a Colombian born salsa style. reflects Caleña saucesee video), although all salsa styles can be danced here (on 1, on 2, Cuban and more).

The people here really know how to let yourself go and leave everything on the dance floor, in the context of enjoyment, self-expression and taste (Taste). Not to mention doing anything quiet (smooth + cool – props for chirry).

Colombians are incredibly warm and friendly.

1631490386 300 Why non dancers also go to Colombia for salsa

Colombians are raised from an early age to be kind, polite, and loving. Enjoying serving others and exercising humility. It’s an incredibly welcoming culture where you can be invited to a family dinner very quickly after you’ve just met someone out to dance – get ready for that guaroGuardian)!

And people are definitely ready to dance with you no matter who you are or where you are. It’s about feeling good together.

Learn presence by feeling the spicy Music.

1631490386 6 Why non dancers also go to Colombia for salsaColombians grow up with their salsa music Potatoes and family from a young age. It’s in their blood. So when you dance salsa in Colombia you will be instantly surprised by how people really feel about the music. They let go of control, let go of thinking and let their bodies interpret whatever the music, their own emotions and their dance partners are expressing.

Learning salsa in Colombia means learning to be present with the music and your dance partner … because if you don’t, nobody will dance with you! (just kidding: P but really if you can do it like the locals do you can feel the depth and magic of the music + the dance).

It is pure joy.

1631490386 556 Why non dancers also go to Colombia for salsa

At the end of the day, salsa dancing down here is all about happiness. It’s an essential characteristic of music. It’s a way to experience our lives with a smile, no matter the circumstances. Was your heart broken? No problem, we can dance salsa. Lost all your money No problem, we can move and be comfortable with our friends and family. Regardless of the circumstances, dancing salsa in Colombia teaches foreigners and locals alike how to experience joy through an embodied practice. It has health benefits similar to yoga and meditation, just dare we say … a lot more fun!

So why do travelers in Colombia learn salsa? Simply put: learning how to feel good. Together.

And whenever you’re ready to come down and dance with us, come to one of our salsa immersions to experience the taste and joy of salsa in Colombia with the only community of professional independent dance teachers that now has 60 dancers and more . We are waiting for you 🙂

In love from Colombia,

1631490386 447 Why non dancers also go to Colombia for salsa

David from Somoloco

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