Why wedding dance lessons?

One way to make your wedding day truly memorable is to include a wedding dance! It’s a great way to make sure you and your partner have fun as you introduce yourself as a married couple for the first time in the world.

Wedding Dance Lessons

But, like all good dance routines, perfection takes practice, and that’s where Steve Dance comes in. When all eyes are on you, we make sure you’re not wrong and that every twist and turn you make exudes love and passion. Even the most reserved couples can enjoy the wedding dance, particularly when they have received professional training from Steve Dance team.

We provide professional choreography lessons for a couple planning their first dance together as a married couple. It is not necessary to have danced before or to have special talent. Our wedding dance lessons are easy to follow for both beginners and those with dance experience. You won’t find us going too fast for you as we adjust to your pace, gaining confidence with every step. Trust us and trust that we will adapt our packages to your style and skills. Above all, we guarantee that we will make you great when you dance on your wedding day!

Why wedding dance lessons?

What do we do

Steve Dance knows everything there is to know about wedding dance lessons. For more than 20 years, Our team of professionals have been creating bespoke choreography to match the wedding songs chosen by couples. As for the dance style, choose from salsa and bachata. If you are not sure which song or dance style to choose, please let us help! Once we get to know you and your personality, we will select a perfect match.

The complete package

We’ve thought of everything when it comes to your wedding dance classes and have included all of the following in the package:


  • Complete choreography: Our team will create a dance suitable for you using one of the proposed styles.
  • Music: We can help you choose a song or bring your own.
  • Video: Each of your lessons will be recorded, with and without music. This means that you can check the steps whenever you want, in your spare time.

Talk to us

If you’re not sure how many lessons to take, we recommend ten – this should be enough to make you feel confident and relaxed, looking forward to taking your steps on your big day. Budgeting for your prom is an essential part of your planning, so be sure to include that! With a booking of ten lessons, you also receive a 10% welcome discount, our wedding gift for you.


Why wedding dance lessons?

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