We know that dance is a very common part of our life. Every country, religion, race has its tradition in dance and salsa is one of them. Sauce is one of the ancient forms of dance that originated in eastern Cuba. We can call is a dance form and also a style of music. In the sauce hides different emotions, sometimes she is intensely romantic, and sometimes she can be competitive.

There isn’t just one way to dance salsa. They can be danced in 6 different ways. If we dig in the history of salsa, it is derived from two main styles – the Cuban son and the afro Cuban Rumba. It has become popular in many parts of the United States of America. She became most famous in New York City. However Course sauce around the world in the 1970s when teachers began teaching various salsa steps in schools and classes.

Sauce A versatile dance for couples and competitions

When we talk about how to do salsa, there are three movements on every four bars, and after the end of bar 8, the steps are repeated by the partners, which is what makes this form so attractive and beautiful. However, there are many different ways of doing salsa in the modern world as there are many fusions of salsa in the market. Though so diverse, the traditional method is Salsa in Zurich, still the most attractive.

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