Salsa dance forms are a very different way of expressing yourself, often a whole new social way of dancing. Tips and steps include cross dance, shoulder movements, leg tape, and more. Of the dance course zurich sauce allows you to discover yourself and lose yourself at the same time. And was salsa?

If you type salsa into a search engine, it shows amazingly delicious pictures of tomato dip. The term has been around since the 1990s in the form of dance forms. Of the Sauce course was widely used to spread Latin American music. In Cuba it was supplemented by Air.

Salsa Dance and Culture A Definitive Guide to Salsa Style

Salsa before 1990?

The shape was originally found in New York in 1960. SHE was created to bring the non-lingo audience into the world and includes a combination of Cha-Cha, Mambo and Son and Samba popular in the Caribbean.

Something historical, salsa dance style

Although it began in eastern Cuba, it eventually immigrated to Havana, as did American jazz dance. This happened when the nobles of Spain brought Africans to Cuba, and they too came to Cuba at their own pace. Africans were forbidden to dance for their style and so it came up with African and European rhythms from the beginning of the fusion. Those who understand that one step forward is not a disaster. It’s a cha-cha-cha.

How do you dance salsa?

I am course zurich sauce Style, the dancer changes his weight by moving forwards, backwards and sideways. Half of the weight is distributed as you move. The upper body remains almost stable, and in most salsa styles the legs and weakness of the hands add beauty to the whole dance sequence. In this type, the whole body is involved in the movement, as in the cha-cha, and the shoulder moves forward with the hand movements. The lead dancer speaks to the follower in an open or closed position.

Not clear?

“On 1” and “On 2” are different variants for that Zurich sauce. When dancing in an open stance, two men have to move and turn with their hands joined together. When dancing in a closed position, the lead places their right hand on the follower’s back and the follower’s left hand on their right shoulder.

The “On 2” dance is more difficult than the “On 1” dance, in the latter case the steps are easier to hit and break. The dancers are mostly familiar with “On 1” and then dive into “On 2” because the transition is easy to make.

Sauce dance styles

Afro – Cuban, Son, Mambo – a combination of Cha-Cha. Here is the experience of the different types of Salsa in Zurich. Also bring uniqueness to each genre.

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