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If you really want to learn how to dance salsa or bachata, you have to take several classes. 4 Classes of 1 hour at home or in an open space, maximum one couple or two people. We are experts in two left feet and shy … and YES, we have trunk level as well.

Schedule your first class, then schedule the following classes with the instruct @ r

Any question, please send us a whatsapp or email to help you.

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Individual salsa or bachata classes.

Max 2 people.

We have a methodology for you to learn faster and with the best quality. We can cover everything you need, we handle levels and specialty according to the level you want to achieve.

Within the methodologies we have time, musicality, lady style, man style, composition, body dissociation, guide, following, etc.

­čśâ We recommend the packages of 4 classes of 1 hour, in which we agree between us the days and the hours to do them. You decide how long you want to consume the hours for example (once a week or twice a week) The investment is $ 2,950 pesos for the 4 hours. The location of the class can be at your home or in an open space that we use for classes.

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