Have you ever asked yourself this question? Seems like common sense right? Come to class, learn a few moves, meet people, feel great! A great experience takes a certain amount of self-awareness and the awareness of others. Let’s take a closer look at this.

First, why do we even learn to dance?

8 reasons why we learn to dance (voluntarily)
The reasons are myriad, but here are 10 common ones.

  1. Learn to dance (duh!)
  2. Meet new people (for friendship or maybe more … but don’t be scary in class)
  3. Escape everyday stress and life stress (family, work, partner, world problems, drama, controversy, general negative energy, etc.)
  4. Balance life with some FUN (enjoy the music, the people, the energy)
  5. Follow a dream or fill a void
  6. Challenge yourself (competition, improve, overcome fears, build trust, etc.)
  7. Start a new great hobby
  8. Prepare for your vacation in a Latin American country or a dance congress (if your dream dance is Salsa, Bachata or Cha Cha)
  9. It is in your soul and it needs to be expressed
  10. Connect and vibe with others! And it is!

If we Select when we do something like dancing, we look for an experience that satisfies our needs and desires so that we can feel great. Dance has tons to offer … the music, the movements, the energy of the people, the mood. Don’t just feel energized after class, but feel energized In that moment. Let all the good in your soul. It’s ME time 🙂 And on days you need a little more energy that Music, dance, and fellow students can help lift the mood!

Our mere presence in the room affects the overall mood of the class. We feed on energy AND we generate energy. Sometimes we are so into our own experience that we forget about others. You may be having a blast, totally lost, killing it, or struggling to stay focused. Your smile or your encouragement could be the thing that changes their experience for the better.


  1. TO YOU – Come with an open mind, ready to learn and have a great time! When you are having a great time it carries positive energy into the room!
    1. Immerse yourself in the experience and leave your non-dance thoughts at the door!
    2. Don’t hold back. When it’s time to take off at full speed, go as far as you can.
    3. This is your trip. Don’t regret holding back from caring too much about looking silly to others.
    4. Challenge yourself and enjoy the moments when it “clicks”.
    5. Be patient with yourself if it doesn’t “click” right away. Learning is a process.
  2. FOR OTHERS – Watch out for others who are also trying to let go and enjoy the experience!
    1. Encourage, smile, share space (mirror time), say hello and goodbye … all that warm, fuzzy stuff.
    2. Take care of your partner in partner work. Be patient, smile, join in, and don’t force any movements.
    3. On partner work, acknowledge if you screw it up (which is inevitable). Somehow this can relax your partner (so they won’t be tempted to tell yourself).
    4. Leave criticism to the instructor (or when asked for your opinion). Think about how you felt after receiving unsolicited instructions from a fellow student. Usual inner thought “Who do you think you are?insert other not so nice thoughts and criticisms here> “. This is a negative sentiment so try to avoid it.
    5. Learn names! People feel more connected when you call them by their names.
  3. FOR YOUR TEACHERS – Share positive energy with your teacher. They vibe from you too!
    1. Do you respond to questions like “Carry on?”, “Do we have it?” , “do it again?” “Questions?”, Interaction is more fun 🙂
    2. Take care (save your conversations with friends for breaks or before / after class).
    3. Try. It’s not about getting the movements perfect, it’s about exertion. The instructors love you to have fun but also see you progress over time.
    4. If you enjoyed the course, please let them know! If you have any suggestions or requests, AND if they are open to hearing them, let them know in a respectful way.

Let these ideas marinate a little. We can all improve our self-esteem and our awareness of others. In dance, especially in Latin American street dances, the experience is shared with partners, teammates, teachers and friends! Radiate your best energy and create an authentic joy that will make you and others around you smile.


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