5 things to remember before your salsa class

You just bought a package of lessons for private salsa classes. Congratulations! Now you are probably wondering – what should I expect? And most importantly, how should I prepare? We have compiled a list of 5 things to remember before your salsa class in Medellín or wherever in the world! Presented by our crew of Medellin salsa dancers in Colombia …

5) Comfortable shoes

5 things to remember before your salsa class

Your shoe should feel like an extension of your foot so that dancing in it is as comfortable as dancing barefoot.

For ladies, heels are really unnecessary for your lessons, although you may want to try them a few times as you may dance with heels at social events where you want to show off your dancing skills. However, flats are more reliable – something that simply fits your feet like a sock. cash here for some inspiration.

That goes for boys too. Fancy dance shoes are really unnecessary unless you want to break them in for ballroom dancing (Note: In Cali, Medellin, or anywhere in Colombia, people rarely go to ballroom dancing with fancy dance shoes. Cali salsa is casual clothing.). Obviously, boots or cross trainers don’t work. You want to be able to slide and spin with too much friction and you want to be able to feel the floor without a huge rubber block in the middle. Sneakers with thinner soles and not too much grip or traction on the underside are preferred. Think Adidas Sambas or Converse all the stars for some ideas.

4) Comfortable clothing

5 things to remember before your salsa class

The main thing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes. They should therefore be light, breathable, flexible (ie elastic material is better) and mostly close-fitting so that they do not hinder your arm and leg movements. Let yourself feel sexy in your clothes – this is for boys and girls. The better you feel, the better you can relax, feel the music, feel your partner and let your creative expression run free. Be present and don’t let small inconveniences distract you. Clothes, for example, are completely unnecessary. Also in ballroom dancing! (especially in Colombia you rarely see girls dancing in dresses). People think it’s cool sweatpants or Training pants and a graphic t-shirt. Ladies think yoga pants and a tank top.

3) Keep it so fresh and so neat and clean

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Dancing is physical and sometimes intimate. It’s never a bad idea to shower before class and at the very least use deodorant and mouthwash. Mints work like a charm too! Cali salsa in particular is hot so make sure your deodorant is working well, which means that all natural deodorants that rarely work will work well! Without saying so, your dance instructor will be very grateful that you don’t stink. Some of our teachers report that at least 1 in 4 students do not care about their hygiene issues. Don’t be that person! And besides, if you smell nice, your teacher will dance with you more easily. This will be more fun for everyone. It’s just human nature, folks.

2) Avoid eating a large meal right before class

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Large bowl of rice oriental fast food

Large bowl of rice oriental fast food

If you can avoid it, it’s really best not to have a large meal before a dance class. It is very uncomfortable to feel a mass of weight in your stomach while trying to twist or do body rolls. Did we mention cramps ?! Snacks just before that are fine. Oh, and dance classes can get hot, so stay hydrated!

1) Have a sense of what you want to learn

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It is always good for you to have some level of clarity about what you want to learn so that your teacher can help you get there, or at least reset your expectations and adjust your goals based on their dance experience. For example, a big decision is which salsa style you want to learn! You will learn more about the 4 main types of salsa dancing and how to find the right one for you here.

If you Sign up for an immersion With us in Medellín, we will help you define your goals and a realistic dance plan before you start your class, including choosing the best teacher for your specific path.

Other than that, the class is a time for you to practice, learn, and ask questions. Exploit! Your teacher is there to help you achieve your dance goals as efficiently and optimally as possible. Learning is a continuous development that takes place through close contact between student and teacher, so keep the conversation about what works and what doesn’t, what you want more or less.

Have fun with the salsa class!

With love from the Medellin Salsa Crew,

Somoloco Salsa Immersion

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