Do you know Kizomba? Do you think it’s a latin american dance style? Well you would be wrong! Kizomba not only describes a dance style, but also a musical direction.

Kizomba origins

It originated in Angola in the 1980s / 1990s and has its roots in Zouk. This is a Caribbean dance with a fast rhythm; a great mix of traditional kizomba music and semba (another form of Angolan dance / music).

So now we know the beginning of the kizomba dance story, what happened after that? Needless to say, the dance became increasingly popular and people fell in love with its exciting, fast-paced, and romantic overtones.

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What is Kizomba?

And if you’re not a huge fan of dance steps, don’t worry. Kizomba doesn’t have any basic steps. All you have to do is walk with the music, dance intuitively and sexy with your partner.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

– Martha Graham

Get four or five different pulls together and you’ve cracked it.

5 Reasons You Must Try Kizomba!

We found at least five reasons why you should try Kizomba. Here is our opinion on them.

  1. Upbeat – if you haven’t felt happy before, move with the upbeat and fast music and your soul will fly. The movements are not complex. The technique is to keep moving with the beat and the feeling is totally invigorating and exhilarating.
  2. Demanding – while the basic kizomba steps aren’t complex, that doesn’t mean the dance is easy. It takes a lot of you and urges you to give it your all and not care about who is watching. The challenge is to stay connected with your partner so that you move as one. Even experienced dancers can find this difficult.
  3. Romantic – If you get the kizomba right, there shouldn’t be a gap between you and your partner. If you love to be up close and personal while moving around with exciting and sensual music then this is the perfect dance. Feel free to use it to express passion and emotions while moving.
  4. Incomparable – this may seem like a simple dance, but what makes it unique are the movements and feelings that come with it. Here you have a music and dance like no other. It can be confused with other dances like the tango, but this one is really unique.
  5. Intense – think passionate and hot-blooded and you have kizomba. With non-stop action all the way to kizomba songs, it’s a really exciting experience to be part of. Be ready to let go of your inhibitions and create a performance that really makes hearts beat faster.

Make an appointment with your local dance studio

There you have it. Our 5 Reasons You Must Try Kizomba Classes. Go ahead and be adding many of your own soon. If you’d like to try it out, do some research online for “kizomba near me” and contact your local dance studio. Don’t be shy. Whether you are a total newbie who has never experienced anything like this or you just want to improve your skills, it is a winner at all levels.

Put a date in your diary today. Not only will you experience a fabulous way of dancing, but you can also get in touch with parts of your personality that you never knew existed!

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